Red Wines

  • St. Hallet Gameskeeper Shiraz/Grenache (Australia)

    $7 Glass $30 Bottle(Glass 5oz)
  • Bliss Zinfandel (California)

    $8 Glass $35 BottleBright ripe fruit characteristics, berry flavours and hints of spice, well balanced finish.
  • Melipal Malbec (Argentina)

    $8 Glass $36 BottleSweet and rounded with persistent tannins.
  • SYLRanch Pinot Noir (Canada-BC)

    $10 Glass $45 Bottle(Glass 5oz)
  • Bonterra Cabernet (Organic-California)

    $9 Glass $40 BottleOn the palate are blackberry flavours, ripe tannins and a lingering finish.
  • Select Pampas el Sur Shiraz

    $8 Glass $35 BottleSweet caramelized leather, tobacco, dried cherries, fig & prunes with a hint of black pepper.

Red Wines Bottles

  • Bliss Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

    $35Bright blackberry fruit and nuttiness on the nose. Velvety mid-palate, toasty oak, touch of chocolate.
  • River Street Red (Canada-BC) Cabernet Merlot

  • Carmen Carmenere (Chile)

    $40Jammy and dark ripe fruit with peppery and sweet oak flavours.
  • Ghost Pines Merlot (California)

    $40Deep, Dark berry fruit and hints of cocoa, herb and earth on the nose.
  • Nipozzano (Italy)

    $42Full-bodied with hints of spice and dark berries. Firm tannin and medium finish.
  • 7 Deadly Zins (USA-Zinfandel)

    $48Pepper, liquorice and clove notes merge with deep blackberries and cherries. The finish is clean with hints of rich vanilla, cocoa and mild tannins.
  • Petales d Os oyoos Larose (Canada-BC)

    $48Bordeaux style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Aromas of vanilla, red berries and chocolate.
  • Layer Cake Malbec (Argentina)

    $55Fruit, Mocha, Chocolate, hints of spice & richness.
  • Stepping Stone Cabernet Sauvignon (California)

    $90Youthful and bright, with under ripe blackberry, young strawberry and cranberry. Flavors of fresh cut cedar, a hint of tobacco leaf and oak follow.
  • The Prisoner (California)

  • Ram’s Leap Shiraz (Organic~ Australia)

    $40Vibrant blackcurrant and mulberry flavours. A well- balanced finish with chocolate overtones developed from maceration with American oak.

White Wines

  • Lehmann Barossa Blonde

    $7 Glass $32 Bottle(Glass 5oz)
  • Villa Teresa Pinot Grigio (Organic~Italy)

    $7 Glass $30 BottleFruity bouquet. Dry and light-bodied.
  • SYL Ranch Gerwurtztramier (Canada~BC)

    $8 Glass $35 BottleBursts with rich, exotic flavours of lychees and ripe melons to match its crisp acidity and off-dry finish
  • Bliss Sauvignon Blanc (California)

    $8 Glass $35 BottleStainless steel fermented, clean and crisp bright fruit, long, lively and refreshing finish.

White Wines Bottles

  • Sibling Rivalry White (Canada-Ontario)

    $32Aromas of citrus, apple, pear and ripe peach with mineral and floral notes and hints of spice.
  • Bliss Chardonnay (California)

    $35Nose of fresh apple, ripe pear, and a touch of honey. Rich in golden fruit and a hint of minerality creamy mouth feel long crisp and clean finish.
  • Quail’s Gate Chenin Blanc (Canada-BC)

    $38This Chenin Blanc offers fruit flavours, zesty lemons and limes together with complex floral notes and a hint of sweet, delicate honey
  • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

    $40Aromas of gooseberry, passion fruit, figs and a touch of herbs. The palate is full- bodied with rich, ripe fruit balanced with crisp acidity.
  • Kung Fu Girl Riesling (Washington State)

    $42Delicate aromas of stone fruit, white peach, apricot, Asian pear and white spring blossoms. Long and layered.
  • Château StJean-Sonoma Chardonnay (California)

    $40Aromas of lemon, pear and jasmine, along with vanilla. Refreshing and balanced, the wine has vibrant acidity with flavours of pear, pineapple and roasted almonds that lead to a clean finish.
  • Conundrum (California)

    $46Notes of guava, cherimoya, peach and honeysuckle. On the palate are flavours of peach and apricot nectar, pear and green melon with spicy vanilla notes.
  • Enigma Chardonnay

    $48Buttery, rich, luscious and full-bodied. A Great Californian Chardonnay with aromas of Golden apple, Caramel, toasty oak and peach. Silky smooth mouthfeel, wonderful with seafood.


  • Carte Classique-Mumm (France)

    $90Champagne that is fruity and rich with exotic fruits and floral qualities. It is fresh, round and fruity on the palate.
  • Prosecco (Italy) Lamarca

    $42A sparkling wine with the fruity aromas of peach, apple, pear and citrus fruit. It has balanced acidity and a subtle hint of sweetness.


Bar Shots(1oz)

Spiked Ice Tea

Spiked Ice Tea



Signature Cocktails

Wine in Bliss

Lunch in Bliss

House Made Focaccia, Arugula, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Tomato, Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Creole Chicken Salad, Provolone

Catering in Bliss

Coffee in Bliss

Bruleed Banana Tart